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Someone Keeps Moving My Chair

I am hearing the songSomeone Keeps Moving My Chair” by TMBG. “Mr. Horrible, Mr. Horrible, telephone call for Mr. Horrible…”

Today I saw something most exciting in the land of film-making: Dr. Horrible’s Musical Blog. We have already downloaded all 3 episodes from iTunes. This is a very cool reactionary project intending to bypass the man during the writers’ strike in the last year. It’s a noble cause with hillarious, musical, larger-than-life results.

The reactions to this experiment have been overwhelmingly positive, although there have already been some critiques: notably the weak female supporting role and the suggestion that Dr. Horrible is actually a copy of Dr. Steele. But from server crashes to #1 downloads in iTunes, I think that Joss Whedon and his merry crew of world-dominator-wannabes might just be on to something.

I have always had a weakness for evil geniuses– Pinky, Stewie, el Seed– especially when they are set on taking over the world. It’s time to add Dr. Horrible to the list.

The question is: how do we respond? Whedon has done a very powerful thing by releasing this little series online. There are thousands of people with cameras and creative ideas out there just waiting for something fun to respond to… Is Dr. Horrible that something? Will it be a viable money-maker? If it is, is it an anomaly, or is this the unofficial beginning of something big?

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